She Can’t Take Much More Captain!

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

“Someone has to go into the Jeffries Tube” shouted our Technical Director (because our servers were getting too hot or something along those lines) as we received huge traffic spikes as our two exclusives Wednesday went neck and neck for top billing; ‘Amscreen Hits Europe‘ and ‘City24/7 The Future Of Urban Media‘.

And if anyone anywhere doesn’t quite understand the power of the mighty DailyDOOH, Tom Touchet, CEO and President, City24/7 who was a little ‘peeved’ at being brought into the spotlight a little (too) early for his liking, told us rather reluctantly “Your site has some crazy power. I got calls from the NYTimes, WSJournal and today”

For those who want to learn more about the (now not so mysterious) folks at City 24×7 you can: –

And if you are truly interested in listening to all viewpoints (and we know you are) then take a look at what Dave Haynes had to say, he tweeted following our exclusive on Wednesday morning “Planned NYC #DigitalOOH network is a big FAIL from the start. Here’s why.

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