Digital Signage Vendors, The A to Z Of…

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

It’s not our intention to categorise digital signage vendors from A to Z nor write a summary of each (there are well over 300 vendors playing in this space at any one time) but we do plan to publish shortly our Top 10 Ten Digital Signage Vendors for 2009 (as we did just over 12 months ago for 2008 of course).

If all goes to plan then we will announce the 2009 Top Ten at the ISE DOOH Business Conference in Amsterdam on 2nd February, when we present our “Overview about content management systems and other important technologies for DOOH

As we did during 2007 we looked at the likes of the following in order to come up with a final short list…

  • Acquire Digital Multimedia
  • Adflow Networks
  • Admiradn Digital Networks
  • AMX Inspired Signage
  • BroadSign
  • Carlipa Group
  • CAYIN Technology Co., Ltd.
  • Cisco DMS
  • C-nario
  • Coolsign
  • Digital Video Systems Ltd.
  • Dise
  • Dynamax
  • dZine
  • EnQii
  • LiteLogic
  • MediaTile
  • MultiQ
  • Net Display Systems PADS Professional
  • Pixman / PixNet
  • Real Digital Media
  • Ryarc Media Systems
  • Scala
  • Screenred
  • Signagelive (Remote Media)
  • TELentice
  • Wirespring
  • YCD Multimedia
  • Zirius (Sony)
  • 121view
  • 3M
  • 42mediagroup

Suffice to say that our 2009 Top Ten has a new number 1, a couple of new entrants and as usual, it may appear that it has some glaring omissions (but all will be revealed).

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  1. Roi Says:

    Have a look at Kentia, Digital Signage Software by Altabox.
    New version on march.

    Kentia is a leading digital signage software in Spain with music channels (you can customize your music channel), audio advices in real time, and video channels.

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