Roger Saunt Has Rug Pulled From Underneath Him

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Following hot on the heels of the lovely Laura leaving CRI only a short while back news comes in that yesterday (Monday 1st August) was officially the last day in the office for their CTO Roger Saunt.

Roger Saunt’s old company in the UK, Digital Presence Solutions Ltd went into liquidation in February 2010 and Roger landed on his feet with a plumb job at CRI in April of the same year and moved to New Jersey – meaning he lasted just about 16 months.

Roger was we understand pretty much CTO in name only – spending most of his time running Fairfield’s integration division.

Whilst Laura went with CEO, Paul Price’s blessing that may not have been the case in this instance.

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  1. ProAV Says:

    Such a short stay for Roger, Only if we all knew what was going on with CRI. Over the past few months there have been more peeople taken on in the NY Office and less people standing in the NJ office. At this rate it wouldn’t last 6 more months

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