The Digital Signage Universe

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

I was asked only the other day where one should go for (more) information on digital signage and digital out of home. My favourite blogs are probably the same as yours; sixteen nine (David Haynes formerly at EnQii / Digital View Media now works for Broadsign), David Wiseman at Minicom (specialises at conducting great interviews) and Bill Gerba’s excellent Digital Signage News.

Even if you are not necessarily interested in retail banking specifics then TellerTV is still very much worth a read.

In German, Oliver Schwede at Innoea Consulting runs a great blog and he also manages a very good Xing Digital Signage group.

Anyway without wanting to steer you the reader away to competition (other than above) I happened to come across this Digital Signage Universe site which seems to have a long list of other possible points of interest.

Enjoy the link but please do come back!!!! 😉

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