Coca Cola Is Talking To You

Russ Curry, Ministry of New Media

Coca- Cola created this street-marketing campaign with a twist around its global Love it Light theme at the Quatre Temps shopping centre here in Paris/La Defense during the recent ‘sales period’.

“Still on the phone?” asks the girl on the screen when someone on the phone comes by. ”Nice hat” is the compliment the man with the hat receives “from the advert”. “Are you are a model or what?” and “You two are definitely fashion- victims” are just some of the comments.

The ‘screen’ seems to have caught people’s attention and shows what interactive digital signage could be like and how it can work.

The screen is given a personal voice that addresses individual consumers who, feeling in the spot light, react to its message. This two way communication between the brand and its audience has been a central topic in the industry in an effort to give customers the feeling that they are not being talked at BUT engaged in the conversation and even involved in the making of the advert itself.

Coca Cola’s Love it Light street-marketing operation is trying to engage the consumer in the same way that Twitter feeds in digital signage applications do and digital media platforms like Screach are trying to enable digital signage users to achieve.

5 Responses to “Coca Cola Is Talking To You”

  1. Chris Heap Says:

    Nice idea. Can’t help but feel that there was a smattering of actors mixed in with real shoppers.

    Try that in the UK and cynical Brits would most likely scoff at it or worse, try to steal the bloody plasma screen, kiosk or even the ATM (#londonriots).

    Let’s hope UK digital OOH and retail practitioners have their screens nicely tucked up in vandal proof housings or they’ll be alot of insurance forms to fill in shortly…

  2. DoohGuy Says:

    So I guess there’s a guy watching a camera feed, typing in the appropriate comments. Neat as a one-off proof-of-concept, but what’s the ROI on this if people now have to be paid to monitor the signage and interact with people?

    I guess the employee could in theory be sitting in bangalore being paid 1$/hour, but still, this doesn’t scale.

    It would make more sense if it was on a single, high-value screen like Times Square or Picadilly circus.

  3. Diigo posts 08/10/2011 (a.m.) « hyperspace discoveries Says:

    […] Coca Cola is Talking to you… Paris Mall/shopping center […]

  4. Digital Signs Orlando Says:

    I agree with Chris on the fact that they are most likely actors….or at least a few.

    Also, if this was done in the US either A…no one would care…or B….people would be in too much of a hurry to grab their lunch and get back to their cubicles before the 15 min lunch break was up….


  5. Al Patrick Says:

    If this is set up like DoohGuy suggests – its HAS been done on the Coke Piccadilly sign:

    and here:

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