Garry McGuire’s Keynote

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

We’re very much looking forward to the keynote speech by Garry McGuire on the first day of the Digital Signage Investor Conference in New York in October.

McGuire, CEO of RMG Networks, always seems to give a great speech that touches off a lot of discussion in the industry (See our coverage of his speech at the Digital Signage Investor conference a year ago and again at the Customer Engagement Technology World in San Francisco last April) so we fully expect that people will be up early on 17th October to hear his latest thoughts.

Garry told us that he’ll be focusing on digital signage as a business, evolving beyond the screen used for one-way communication and becoming a platform for interactivity. He’ll be showing examples and speaking about innovative new technologies and applications that facilitate activation of consumers across digital place-based networks. This will include mobile, social, NFC, and commerce, and CRM applications. His talk will also emphasize how DOOH video is actually becoming a powerful platform for information, advertising, awareness, and activation of consumers outside the home.

Garry made no mention that his speech will include information on his recent search for banks and private equity partners to build funds for acquisitions, but our bet is that if he’s talking DS and business, he’ll certainly be questioned on the topic.

And we really must mention that, despite Bill Gerba’s inclusion of McGuire in his post regarding the The Two Most Dangerous Men In The DOOH Industry, when DailyDOOH posted its fun article asking who are the two most dangerous, McGuire was definitely not one of the two we had in mind!

Come along to the Digital Investor Conference, and you can form your own conclusion.

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  1. Vipin Says:

    Do you see “directional sound” as being strategic for future Digital Signage applications as directional sound technology is now mature enough to give cusotmers the full experience of DOOH?

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