Are EK3 For Sale (Again)?

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Rumours in North America persist that Canadian based vendor EK3 is up for sale again. People we have spoken to close to the company haven’t been able to confirm this rumour but many have agreed that it’s ‘likely’ – EK3 management (some of them as obnoxious as they are) have seemingly done a good job in bringing ‘sellable potential’ to the table over the last two to three years.

Mind you they could also be selling or giving away Shopcast?

One Response to “Are EK3 For Sale (Again)?”

  1. DoohGuy Says:

    Inevitable… EK3 has been nursing only a tiny handful of deals for what seems like forever. I thought Tim Hortons bought them a while back though? Was I misinformed?

    To their credit, I’ve been to alot of Timmy’s all across the country and never once have I seen a software issue with those screens. The player software looks rock solid.

    The screens they chose to roll out however, those are starting to die. They all have a similar pattern of LCD leakages on the left hand side.

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