@SymonDacon Hemel Hempstead

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

@SymonDacon Hemel Hempstead’s twitter feed bills the business and the feed itself as “Clever Signage.Insights into Symon Dacon’s unique positioning in the Digital Signage space” but there’s not much unique or indeed insightful in repeating the same four tweets ad infinitum

  • SymonDacon Symon Dacon
    Hospitality digital signage http://vltb.com/f6b6b981?37389
    55 minutes ago
  • SymonDacon Symon Dacon
    The usefulness of Symon content scheduling http://vltb.com/d2af6194?37217
    12 hours ago
  • SymonDacon Symon Dacon
    Meet our Leadership http://vltb.com/56c3be5d?37216
    16 hours ago
  • SymonDacon Symon Dacon
    Installation of the Roche corporate communications network continues in Shanghai read original case study http://vltb.com/0cfe3d94?372
    20 hours ago

The ‘Meet our Leadership’ messages started on 1st June (tweeted 71 times since then) and the ‘Installation of the Roche corporate communications network’ started on 21st May (tweeted 82 times).

Perhaps the UK arm of Symon Dacon needs the ‘King of Mobile Strategy’ to get their social media marketing in place?

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