Lou Giacalone Exits Stage Left

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

It’s not wholly unexpected but we can confirm the rumour that Lou Giacalone left Haivision last week.

6 Responses to “Lou Giacalone Exits Stage Left”

  1. John Bookmaker Says:

    Only surprising that he hit the street sooner than Stuart A.

  2. DoohGuy Says:

    “Creative differences” perhaps with his new Haivision masters?

    Seriously, what happens to the CoolSign software now that Haivision owns it, but Lou’s gone?

  3. Jeremy Gavin Says:

    I still see great things ahead for the Coolsign product. Coolsign’s software is very solid and they keep some great core Coolsign guys like Raffi Vertian, Leo Bull and Bill Taylor.

  4. bully Says:

    Leo Bull is just a sales guy … Raffi just biz Dev .. with Lou and Drew now gone we can expect NO more Coolsign innovation and that’s for sure.

  5. C. Clearly Says:

    Kiss much butt, Jetemy? The three people you mention have zero impact on the product. But they may give you referrals. Oh, now I understand. That makes them great. Wipe the poo off your nose and get a grip.

  6. Raffi Vartian Says:

    Wow. Amazing what courage you can muster posting anonymous comments.

    @bully, @ C. Clearly: if you have something to say, be a man, take the blanket off your head and put your name on it. Otherwise keep your snark to yourself.

    Raffi Vartian

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