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Lou Giacalone Exits Stage Left

It’s not wholly unexpected but we can confirm the rumour that Lou Giacalone left Haivision last week.

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6 Comments To "Lou Giacalone Exits Stage Left"

#1 Comment By John Bookmaker On 18 August 2011 @ 14:30 @646

Only surprising that he hit the street sooner than Stuart A.

#2 Comment By DoohGuy On 18 August 2011 @ 18:51 @827

“Creative differences” perhaps with his new Haivision masters?

Seriously, what happens to the CoolSign software now that Haivision owns it, but Lou’s gone?

#3 Comment By Jeremy Gavin On 19 August 2011 @ 20:47 @908

I still see great things ahead for the Coolsign product. Coolsign’s software is very solid and they keep some great core Coolsign guys like Raffi Vertian, Leo Bull and Bill Taylor.

#4 Comment By bully On 19 August 2011 @ 20:57 @914

Leo Bull is just a sales guy … Raffi just biz Dev .. with Lou and Drew now gone we can expect NO more Coolsign innovation and that’s for sure.

#5 Comment By C. Clearly On 20 August 2011 @ 23:25 @017

Kiss much butt, Jetemy? The three people you mention have zero impact on the product. But they may give you referrals. Oh, now I understand. That makes them great. Wipe the poo off your nose and get a grip.

#6 Comment By Raffi Vartian On 22 August 2011 @ 15:45 @698

Wow. Amazing what courage you can muster posting anonymous comments.

@bully, @ C. Clearly: if you have something to say, be a man, take the blanket off your head and put your name on it. Otherwise keep your snark to yourself.

Raffi Vartian