TruMedia Technologies Re-Appoints Their OLD CEO

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

It didn’t last long did it? Back in February we wrote about an industry-outsider (they are welcomed and allowed by the way) – namely George E. Murphy – a man with a strong marketing background but with little or no knowledge we suspect of the Out Of Home or indeed any technology industries – had joined TruMedia Technologies Inc. as CEO and would be based out of Florida.

We noticed in the most recent press release from TruMedia (the Samsung licensing deal that here in the office we are still in the process of writing about) that the previous CEO, Moti Gura, was ACTUALLY named as “CEO & Chairman

In a private call with TruMedia’s PR team earlier today they confirmed that this was NOT a typo.

George E. Murphy lasted barely 6 months as we are told that he left back in August.

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