C-nario Lose Prominent Space At ISE

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

In a move that says more about the vendor C-nario than the event ISE it looks like the former has pulled out of the latter in any large, meaningful way as we have yet found no mention of C-nario on the latest ISE floorplans.

C-nario were always one of the vendors to take very prominent and prestigious space at the front of Hall 12 (in the last two years this has been ‘the’ digital signage hall).

Whilst this year (2012) it is the whole of Hall 10 and the adjacent upper part of Hall 9 which is dedicated to digital signage (Hall 12 has been turned over to Unified Communications) the prominent space where we’d expect C-nario to be is obviously now up for grabs as the text ‘ISE’ appears where the exhibitor’s name should be.

We are taking bets in the office that the space will be taken by ComQi in the next couple of weeks.

Moving digital signage to a new hall obviously accommodates growth from the sector but also answers the criticism that Halls 10 and 12 were too far apart to create a contiguous space in years gone past.

6 Responses to “C-nario Lose Prominent Space At ISE”

  1. Signage Guy Says:

    its the threat of Open Splash already impacting us all!

  2. Tom Says:

    I guess they realized that ISE is a waste of $$$, no real business comes out of this show

  3. Tani Says:

    C-NARIO is a great company to work with. If they’re not going to ISE i’m sure they have a good reason.

  4. Hardnut Says:

    ISE is a great show for new business, relationship building……. Tom must have challenges in his marketing mix!HELCOM

  5. George Says:

    As a reporter, before publishing a story wouldn’t you think to call the company in question to get a comment? It would certainly be better than speculating.

  6. Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief Says:

    George, we are not speculating. We did email C-nario

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