EYE USA Adds 7 Digital Units To New York Mall

Chris Sheldrake

See NOTE at end of post

Photo Caption: Please see NOTE at end of this post

EYE USA has added seven digital Eyelite units in its Queens Center regional mall, in Elmhurst, New York (about 15 minutes from Manhattan).

We are hoping to get some pictures as soon as they are in.

EYE is also installing 14 additional static Eyelite units and two external Eyelite units (all non-Digital) bringing the number of Eyelites in the Queens Center to 54.

As usual, the new digital Eyelite units feature 70-inch LCD displays ? a maximum of three advertisers and seven-second animated creative executions are used on the digital units.

David Gibbs, CEO of EYE USA told us “EYE continues to invest in and expand its digital network and this mall is an excellent location for digital. With over 2.1 million shoppers visiting Queens Center monthly, it is a prime location for our clients to get their advertising noticed”

EYE’s digital network in the US now includes nine malls across the country and consists of 69 digital units in total (out of a total of 3,500 panels in over 250 shopping malls across the country)

NOTE: Photo taken 5th November (day after the US elections of course) which feature the OAAA’s public service campaign. Note that the usual black framing is not yet installed on the front of the digital displays!

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