Eye spy at Singapore Changi Airport

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Singapore’s Changi Airport Terminal Two (T2) airline lounge area

I see that Eye Corporation have continued their world wide digital (billboard) innovation – this time at Singapore’s Changi Airport Terminal.

Showing above is Bulgari, one of the first three advertisers, on the digital screen display in the Terminal Two (T2) airline lounge area.

Eye Corporation (imo) clumsily call it a “Landscape Digital advertising display” – it comprises eighteen 42-inch plasma screens, with a measurement of 1.56m (h) x 5.56m (w).

Within an airport environment its is currently the largest digital display of its kind anywhere in the world though I understand that there are a couple of other digital airport operators looking at similar large tiled screens at the moment.

Bulgari, American Express and global energy consortium Linde Group are the first three advertisers for this site.

Another “Landscape Digital advertising display” (phew) will be going up outside the business lounge area of Terminal 3 (T3) on 9th January 2008. Great innovation and sales.


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  1. Donna Randall Says:

    Dear Adrian

    Thank you so much for running the article on our new Landscape Digital screen at Changi Airport. I had to laugh at your comment about the name, it is, as you note, a little clumsy.

    We usually try and use names that very obviously describe the sites we are offering. I would love to hear any suggestions you have?

    Kind regards
    Donna Randall

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