Apfelbaum Leaves Titan

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

Well, we were right: Bill Apfelbaum is no longer chairman of Titan.

Don Allman, president and CEO of Titan, New York, tells us exclusively that Apfelbaum stepped down as chairman six weeks ago after 10 years of committed service to the company.

“Bill is iconic in our business and has made countless contributions to Titan and to our Industry,” says Allman, who worked with Apelbaum for 20 years, both at TDI and then Titan.

“Bill continues to love and support Titan, and we him,” says Allman. “He is, however, a man of many interests and he wanted to take time to pursue some of these, including his great family, travel, investments is other businesses (not competitive with Titan), etc.

“In essence, his comfort in leaving the company he founded, speaks to his confidence in our management team and our employees, and I share that confidence. I continue in my role as CEO and am completely committed to the on going growth of Titan. We are having a good 2011 growth wise, are very profitable, have a very strong balance sheet and look forward to our future, which is rock solid.”

We expect to hear more from Allman and Apfelbaum in the future. There is no word yet who will place the latter as chairman.

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