Sanitas’ Signage In Spain

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

Sanitas, a leading healthcare services provider in Spain, is now using Scala, ASVideo and Logopost Dinamic to bring local health product and service information to its customers in real-time.

The versatility and robustness of Scala’s digital signage content management tools has enabled Sanitas to enhance the experience for visitors and patients at its hospitals or medical centres. The innovative information screens were initially installed at Sanitas Millennium, Sanitas´ Attention Offices, in Madrid, Zaragoza, Seville, and Valencia, and will be rolled out to another 22 offices in the main cities across Spain throughout 2011.

Sanitas’ aim was to provide superior content to show product and services information both inside and outside the Sanitas Millennium offices, 24/7. This has been achieved with the installation of 55” Hyundai transflective touchscreen displays, selected for their performance in high-brightness semi-outdoor conditions. When not in use, the screens display product and promotional information. When a customer interacts with the screen, information such as specific promotions, Sanitas´ health products, and useful local information of medical centres and open pharmacies in the area is presented.

The content and system is managed by Scala Certified Partner ASVideo from its facilities in Madrid, in which a dedicated Scala content manager is available for the project.

Logopost Dinamic was brought in to develop high quality interactive content that would complement the look and feel of the Sanitas centres as well as replicating the printed promotions. The content is in both, Spanish and Catalan, enabling users at the Sanitas Millennium Centres in Catalonia to opt for their local language from the main menu.

In other Scala news, the AMD Embedded solutions partner Mdina Media has now joined Scala as a Scala Certified Partner.

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