#DOOHbizkonf Kicks Off

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Oliver Schwede and Florian Rotberg did their usual excellent double act in opening the 5th OVAB Europe Conference here in Munich …


These guys have ticked pretty much all the boxes from our post ‘What Makes The Perfect Conference‘ – note the huge twitter wall (a projector but it works really well), the interactive touch screen on the stage and we have free wi-fi in the room.

The attendees need MORE power outlets in the room as we are all borrowing one or two electrical sockets along the side of the room BUT the facilities other than that are absolutely superb.

As @ronniguggenheim (Ronni Guggenheim) pointed out in one of the very first conference tweets “#doohbizkonf according to organizers 250 registrations. in conference there are roughly max. 100” and most of those seem to be German.

It’s been an excellent morning’s conference and plenty of break out sessions though we have seem to have lost pretty much all the UK visitors we have had in previous years; no Amscreen, Harris or Zoom Media and no Jason Cremins, Frank Emerson or Bryan Crotaz.

And of course there are no Scala people whatsoever as they all at #Scalaconf but then again there were NO Scala people here last year either.

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  1. Bryan Crotaz Says:

    Sorry not to be there but was back on home turf welcoming our new employee and getting her up to speed on our projects (after a scramble back from the Scala conference yesterday). Unfortunately work has to come ahead of conferences occasionally, much as OVAB was excellent last year.

    Nice to know you missed me though, Adrian 🙂

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