More Blue Screen of Death (BSOD)

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Blue Screen of Death

To be fair, considering that IMHO PCs running Windows were never designed to run non-stop 24/7 (and why oh why do the majority of Digital Signage software platforms run on the ubiquitous PC+Windows combination) I haven’t seen that many Windows’ Blue Screens of Death this year as last year.

The problem is when you see one it REALLY stands out and I think lets the whole industry down.I won’t name names in this instance, but it’s a large UK Estate Agency chain. The BSOD arrived Saturday evening and of course was there in the Window until Monday morning.

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  1. Michael Willems Says:

    Could not agree more. Running one PC is OK; running ten is a bit of work; but running hundreds or thousands, as you do in Digital Signage, is a no-no unless your platform is designed specifically to be up and running, 24/7, without user intervention. Windows is great (I am looking at it now), but a stable platform for unattended operation it isn’t.

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