This Is Definitely Not Stonehenge

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

We thought we ought to enter this photograph into a photo competition – what do you think? We can just imagine the caption “CBS Outdoor’s Pod stands there in the morning sunshine casting shadows over the south entrance” !!!!

Contractually we expect (we do not know for a fact) that the folks who put these Pods together are not allowed to talk about / promote their work which is a shame cos’ the designers definitely need a pat on the back and the enclosure folks (BF Group down in Swindon we believe in this case) deserve credit as well.

When we first saw mock-ups of the Pods and looked at the size specifications (57″ screens for example) we thought they would be too small and criticised them as such.

We have learnt our lesson as we were definnitely wrong. Yes if you stand one of these Pods side by side with one of VMG’s Iconic Pods (a ‘proper’ digital 6-Sheet if you like) then these CBS Outdoor / Westfield units look tiny BUT the point is, in situ, the Pods look excellent and just the right size.

Walking around Westfield the Pods fit seamlessly into the environment but still manage to do their job of displaying adverts.

We liked them a lot.

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