Outdoor, The Last Window Of Influence

Geny Caloisi

The latest research from the Outdoor Media Centre found that shoppers are indeed influenced by the advertising they see just before shopping and outdoor advertising was noticed by over 80% of the people interviewed. 72% of shoppers said they can be swayed towards a product by recent outdoor advertising and only 17% stick to a pre-determined shopping list (probably mostly men).

The study, called “The Last Window of Influence” was commissioned through Helen Harrison Associates, and conducted in July 2011. It investigates advertising “Recency.” Recency is related to the most recent piece of information that shoppers will get before taking their wallets out and which will influence their purchase decision. This study looked specifically at the 30 minute period immediately before shoppers begin shopping. This is the last window of influence for advertisers to place brand messages in front of consumers.

Using showcards, interviewers probed which media each shopper had been exposed to in the 30 minutes leading up to the start of their shopping experience. 40% of shoppers recalled seeing an outdoor advertisement. Other media fared less well. 8% of shoppers had heard a radio ad, 4% each had seen a TV or internet ad, 3% a newspaper ad and 2% a magazine ad. Of all the 274 respondents who said they had seen or heard an advertisement in the half hour preceding shopping, 88% had seen outdoor advertising.

A total of 604 shoppers were recruited in four cities, and intercept interviews were conducted in situ, in both high street and shopping mall environments. The sample was structured in such a way as to cover weekday and weekend, south and north, men and women, young and old, at the point of beginning to shop. Further quotas covered the types of retailers shoppers were planning to visit.

Shoppers answered questions about their mode of transport to the shopping venue, their shopping behaviours, and their likelihood to be influenced by advertising.

“This is pretty definitive evidence that you can still influence shoppers as they head for the stores. There is indeed a last window of influence,” says Mike Baker, CEO of the Outdoor Media Centre. “We are not talking about point of sale advertising here, but the whole customer journey to the store itself, which begins the moment shoppers leave their homes or offices. That’s when they step into the Outdoor space.”

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