Massive 3D X-Men Projection

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

We’re a little late with this news which happened while our team was flying to various conferences in Europe, but thought the work by Pearl Media for Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment’s celebrated Blu-Ray and DVD release of the critically acclaimed X-Men: First Class well worth a mention.

Fairfield, New Jersey-based Pearl Media, a non-traditional media company specializing in out-of-home brand experiences, and Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment transformed Hollywood’s Roosevelt Hotel into a massive 3D X-Men projection to celebrate the release earlier this month.

Showcasing the powers of the young mutant class and their effects on the historic building, the 3D projection entertained party-goers and passers-by, as they witnessed the Roosevelt Hotel freeze, melt, become covered in fur and scales, withstand a tornado hit and mutate into the shape of the X-Men symbol right before their eyes and without the use of 3D glasses.

“With Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment, we captured fan’s imaginations and vividly showcased the powers of the X-Men mutants on a massive scale,” says Josh Cohen, president and CEO, Pearl Media. “There isn’t a more effective way to tell a dynamic and engaging brand story than with 3D projection. Pearl Media is taking our complex proprietary 3D technology and delivering it to clients as a turn-key out-of-home solution.”

“X-Men: First Class was one of the biggest and best reviewed movies of the summer,” says Mary Daily, executive vice-president marketing, Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment. “We wanted to build excitement for the Blu-ray and DVD release and what better way to do that than for fans to see their favorite characters come to life with an unprecedented 3D projection that stunned onlookers as the mutants took over the landmark hotel.”

Using state-of-the-art, high-powered projectors, Pearl Media’s proprietary advanced 3D mapping technology, lighting, sound, shadows and animation, the 3D projection was mapped to the contours of the Roosevelt Hotel, offering consumers a unique way to experience the powers of the X-Men like never before.

Beyond the 3D projection, partygoers had the ability to scan a customized X-Men: First Class QR code to access exclusive video content and a coupon for the Blu-ray and DVD. Inside the hotel, they experienced the transformation of the lobby and Teddy’s of The Roosevelt Hotel into the ‘Hellfire Club’ where attendees were entertained by world-renowned DJ Paul Oakenfold and models dressed as Emma Frost.

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