Imagesound Announces Staff Lay Offs

Chris Sheldrake

Yesterday we believe, Imagesound called all of its employees together in their Chesterfield head office, only to tell them that there were going to be a number of redundancies within the company.

We also believe that Mood Media has, perhaps more quietly, started shedding some staff as well.

The retail and leisure music sector has always been a bit of a cut throat market and we are likely to see a number of companies that focus on this area tighten their belts.

Mind you in many cases we think that the ‘recession’ is often an excuse or at least a good way to get rid of under performing staff – we have certainly seen examples (not necessarily with the two companies mentioned here) where there are a lot of under performing sales people who have been let go (recession / tightening the belt being one of the excuses)

4 Responses to “Imagesound Announces Staff Lay Offs”

  1. Tibor Kovari Says:


    I must admit, I am always fascinated by the speed – if not always accuracy – of Chinese whispers in the industry.

    We shall leave your first paragraph to be confirmed or confuted by our friends in Chesterfield, but as far as your hinting on Mood Media goes, you seem to be better informed that I am…

    We have had one of the best years in the company’s 50+ year history and despite the clouding recession, our current vacancies still outweigh reduction in staff, if any.

    We do not wait for economic pressures to serve us with an excuse for redundancies – we part with underperformers in the bullishest times too, for the right business reasons, no excuse needed.

    True, tightening belts may be required at times, but it can also make one look more sexy.

    Always ready to find talent and relevant knowledge, we at Mood Media remain open to hear from colleagues of our sector (preferably defined as multi-sensorial in store media, rather than “retail and leisure music”), who may have suffered from the financial challenges in competing ventures elsewhere.

    Best regards,

    Tibor Kovari
    Managing Director
    Mood Media UK, Ireland and CEE

  2. Grin Reaper Says:

    Why is it that I find most of your comments to be highly ego centric? Is it because you consider your opinion to be far more important than the facts?

  3. Max GUICHARD Says:

    Dear Tibor

    I think your right !



    Visual Sales Manager

  4. phil austin Says:

    If any of them need a job then contact me as we are always recruiting and have never laid anyone off. Sales to date 200% up on last year which were 300% up on the year before, WHAT RECESSION.
    Phil Austin
    Can Media

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