Out-Of-Home Zone At CETW

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

Out-Of-Home Zone, an emerging media zone designed to facilitate and encourage agencies and brand marketers to better understand the benefits of advertising on Digital Out-of-Home and Digital Place-Based Media Networks, will be a major feature at the upcoming Customer Engagement Technology World’s fall conference in New York City, taking place Nov. 9-10. 2011.

The Out-of-Home Zone at CETW New York will provide DOOH Networks with an opportunity to effectively and efficiently meet with brand marketers, agencies and venues in a face-to-face setting, to demonstrate the value of advertising on a DOOH/DPBM network.

This is expected to help advertisers and agency representatives attending CETW, who arrive with a mission to understand how advertising on this media channel will help them reach their target audiences and sell more products, to hear more about exactly why this emerging media should be integrated into their finite advertising campaign budget.

Similarly, venues attending CETW will be on a mission to understand the revenue and customer experience value of digital out-of-home media networks, so the Zone will offer insights and proof points on how delivering this content enhances the experience for patients, students, employees and other customers, and helps contribute to brand awareness and sales lift.

“The Out-Of-Home advertising market continues to have more impact on consumers buying patterns and decisions,” says Lawrence Dvorchik. CETW general manager. “We have established the Out-of-Home Zone to facilitate and encourage discussions between all parties that can clearly benefit from advertising on this dynamic, engaging and influential media. It’s clearly a discussion that needs to happen, and we hope this demonstration area will spur ongoing dialogue between advertisers and the DOOH/DPBM networks.”

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