The Call of the Mall

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

“Teens Prefer To Shop The Mall Instead Of Online” so says a new study that found 95% of teens ages 13-17 say they are choosing shopping at stores and malls over catalog and online purchases this holiday season.

OTX (Online Testing eXchange) conducted the poll in conjunction with eCrush, a PG-13 social networking site.

This was first reported at MediaPost Publications’ ONLINE Media Daily and in turn brought to my attention by Rob Gorrie’s blog

Rob makes mention that “The folks at Neo Advertising, Ad Space, Hartford, Fokus and a handful of others are going to love this” and of course this applies equally well to Avanti Screenmedia, Mediavista and ScreenFX in the UK and in France.

I am sure that all of you who are involved with Shopping Malls will have read Paco Underhill’s excellent book the ‘Call of the Mall’ – it’s a really good read, although US centric; it makes no mention of the giant malls going up in the UAE and the People’s Republic of China or the many developments in Africa – did you know for example that the 3 largest shopping malls in the Southern Hemisphere are all in the South Africa!

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  1. Rob Gorrie Says:

    I was lucky enough to meet with Paco when I was in New York last week. He definitely has some great insight into our business and has done a ton of work with retailers in this space

    I would reco reading his books as well

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