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The Call of the Mall

“Teens Prefer To Shop The Mall Instead Of Online” so says a new study that found 95% of teens ages 13-17 say they are choosing shopping at stores and malls over catalog and online purchases this holiday season.

OTX (Online Testing eXchange) conducted the poll in conjunction with eCrush, a PG-13 social networking site.

This was first reported at MediaPost Publications’ ONLINE Media Daily [1] and in turn brought to my attention by Rob Gorrie’s blog [2]

Rob makes mention that “The folks at Neo Advertising, Ad Space, Hartford, Fokus and a handful of others are going to love this” and of course this applies equally well to Avanti Screenmedia, Mediavista and ScreenFX in the UK and in France.

I am sure that all of you who are involved with Shopping Malls will have read Paco Underhill’s excellent book the ‘Call of the Mall’ [3] – it’s a really good read, although US centric; it makes no mention of the giant malls going up in the UAE and the People’s Republic of China or the many developments in Africa – did you know for example that the 3 largest shopping malls in the Southern Hemisphere are all in the South Africa!

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#1 Comment By Rob Gorrie On 22 November 2007 @ 16:54 @746

I was lucky enough to meet with Paco when I was in New York last week. He definitely has some great insight into our business and has done a ton of work with retailers in this space

I would reco reading his books as well