NFC Why Click, Just Tap?

JP Biamby

As we previously reported, OTA Training hosted the first NFC Bootcamp here in NYC earlier this week.

The all day training session gave attendees a thorough explanation of NFC (Near Field Communication) technology and an overview of how it can integrate with existing marketing campaigns to maximize campaign ROI.

Still relatively new to consumers as well as marketers, NFC technology has yet to reach a critical mass of users however Nokia, Samsung, Blackberry & Google have NFC capable smartphones available now. It is estimated that by the year 2014 the US smartphone penetration will be as high as 70%, and with several manufacturers launching devices that support NFC, the technology may soon be a standard feature such as a camera or bluetooth.

Still, a major obstacle that currently prevents NFC technology from becoming mainstream is the lack of POS terminals that support and can accept NFC transactions.

I’ve personally found the NFC Forum a valuable source of information.

The next NFC Bootcamp is in Minneapolis on Wednesday 19th October 2011

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