What’s On Your List Today?

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

This was covered a while back (10th September 2008) in the post ‘15 Second 3D Holographic Video Advertising Spot‘ but here’s a picture that tries to show the 3D image not that the fixtures are up and running.

Fred Meyer is of course a US west coast grocery/department chain.

The fixture is from Provision Interactive Technologies

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  1. 3d-mike Says:

    I love those 3D displays in POS advertsing and in-store marketing. This surely ads a lot of value for the presentation of the product throughout the campaign. Working in an advertising agency myself, I am constantly on the lookout for new opportunities to present our customers’ brands on new advertising platforms. Another very effective method for the display of products from the food and beverage section in shopping malls and supermarkets that I have come across is 3D floorgraphics. We approached http://www.shapeshiftermedia.com with our needs for a new campaign and they supplied us with their 3D floor advertising technique, which turned out to increase sales a lot.

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