Hiperwall 2.0 Coming Soon

Andrew Neale

Version 2.0 of Hiperwall will be available shortly and we were given a sneak preview of some of the enhancements that can be expected…

  • Scheduler Enables the Hiperwall administrator to create a schedule that will automatically add or remove content from the video wall at user-specified times.
  • Web Services Interface Allows networked devices to act as remote control units for thecontrol node by sending HTTP commands to the control node requesting the display or removal of content on the video wall. Supports third party products like Crestron and AMX systems.
  • Slide Show Enhancements The Slide Show from version 1.1 has been upgraded to allow the user to specify individual duration times and alignment parameters for each piece of content in the slide show.
  • Fractional SmartSnap The user may configure SmartSnapto work on whole monitor increments or on 1/2 or 1/3 or 1/4 monitor increments, providing the ability to quickly size and position multiple pieces of content on any monitor.
  • Diagnostic Display The Hiperwall Control Screen can be configured to display diagnostic data about the status of each display node in the video wall, facilitating the troubleshooting process.
  • Enhanced Content Management The new Hiperwall content manager provides drag and drop simplicity, bulk import efficiency, hierarchical folder flexibility and more.
  • Magnifier Gives the control node operator the option to see an enlargement of any portion of the Hiperwall Control Screen. This is particularly useful when using the built-in KVM to remotely manage a Hiperwall Screen Sender Node
  • Streamer Node Enhancements The Hiperwall Streamer Node has multiple enhancements (the ability to use hardware assist from late model NVIDIA graphic processors, the option to delay audio tracks to properly synchronize with streamed video, improved video stream image quality, the ability to stream 1080 videos)
  • Screen Sender Node Enhancements The Hiperwall Screen Sender Node has multiple enhancements (each screen sender node can send any rectangular portion of the sender desktop to the wall, the sending PC can pause the sending session at any time, each screen sender node can individually enable or disable remote KVM control by the control node)

I know that Adrian would prefer to see Hiperwall choose a good CMS to integrate with rather than focus too much effort on their own scheduler but I think there is probably room for a little bit of both. What’s missing from this release though is that integration and at some time in the near future they are going to have to reach out to Scala or signagelive or similar and get true CMS functionality.

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  1. Jason Cremins Says:

    Thanks for the mention and we would certainly be interested in supporting the Hiperwall player technology from signagelive.

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