Swiss Cheese And National Lotteries

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

A screen network that is now in liquidation used to give us a hard time whenever we did a story about a campaign running on a network – they used to say if we send you a press release every time we had a new advertiser you would be swamped.

Well, we disagree because picking up on campaigns that are running and especially new advertisers using our industry’s medium is damned important.

Not press releases but twitter and nice to see the following two tweets come in, in quick succession this morning…

  • @AmscreenChris Chris Forrester
    A new lottery comes to the UK, a new advertiser comes to Amscreen
  • @neoadgermany Neo Advertising
    Appenzeller Swiss Cheese chooses Neo´s EDEKA TV for its Instore communication to strengthen the national TV…
  • We say keep ’em coming!

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