Vincent Juchniewicz Joins Magenta

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Still no official word yet on whether Darth Mortensen has actually retired but Magenta Research has felt it prudent to ignore that rumour and plod on with press releases as normal. If your CEO has gone what point is there in just trotting out press release after press release, first announcing a president and now the latest announcing a general mangler.

The latest press release tells us that a “new hire has extensive experience in engineering and operations” and boy will he need it after what Mortensen has seemingly put the company through since the departure of Bob Michaels.

So whilst Vincent Juchniewicz has been appointed General Manager and will be based in Magenta’s New Milford, Connecticut headquarters blah blah blah the real news of course lies elsewhere (and as yet still unacknowledged).

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