Why Does It Have To Be This Way?

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

The latest scam (we think) from folks trying to get market research and intelligence for free is this email from an untraceable Windows Live email address…

Hi Adrian, My names xyz

I’m currently doing some work experience on my gap year in the digital media industry and i’m doing a project about digital signage and the future for digital signage. I believe you have great knowledge in the digital signage industry and i would be very grateful of your thoughts. It would be a great if you could help me and let me know some of your thoughts about the future for digital signage and some of the future trends you think we may see in the next couple of years in this industry.

Kind regards, xyz Abbot.

We are always happy to help students (and have helped a couple of folks with facts and figures for their theses in the past) so we replied politely and simply “Happy to help. Who are you working for in your gap year?”.

You wouldn’t be surprised to know that silence prevailed.

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  1. LCD advertising Says:

    First rule — TO BE HONEST when you ask for help from anyone!

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