More #DSTop10 And Top 30 Prep Time

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

As politely put it in a comment on our postTop 30 Digital Signage Software Vendors“There has been a lot of changes since the article was published” and they are correct which is why we re-visit the list about this time every year.

Actually in two of my last presentations (one public at #scalaconf and one private to a group of investors) I’ve focussed a lot on both the #DSTop10 (see our 2011 list here) and the wider Top 30.

Whilst the #DSTop10 gets the most visibility (it is something that we have been doing since 2008 so next year will be its fifth) the Top 30 we feel, probably adds the most value to folks looking for digital signage software recommendations for a whole host of vertical sectors.

As we are oft to repeat and stress: –

  • The list is intended as an objective, arm’s-length analysis of the strengths and overall offer of companies providing software, hardware and related services to clients running digital screen networks
  • The #DSTop10 has a slight bias towards Ad Funded or retail networks but we try to encompass as much as we can when producing the final rankings
  • Several variables affect the selection of top vendors, including: global presence; management team; financial stability; track record; product roadmap and development team size; breadth of solution; customer service; and the sophistication of the technology options
  • Some well-known and respected companies, such as Nanonation are never considered for the Top 10 list because they do not actively market and have offices outside of North America (but are eligible for the Top 30)

Bottom line the folks in both lists are those that we have or would do business with or recommend to others.

We will go into the lists in more detail over the coming weeks but undoubtedly, dropping out of our #DSTop10 will be C-nario, (now that they have been acquired by YCD Multimedia for example) and almost definitely coming into the Top 30 are folks such as DV Signage / DV Signage Europe who seem to be executing a global strategy rather well.

On that note we hadn’t heard from Navori for a while, then all of a sudden a flurry of gossip about them and then news that they had pulled out of exhibiting at both #ISE2012 and #dse2012 next year.

3 Responses to “More #DSTop10 And Top 30 Prep Time”

  1. Claude HAGEGE Says:

    Navori, they have hired a new EMEA sales manager, just contacted me few days ago. I don’t really know how much they are active since they have launched their QL player.

  2. LCD advertising Says:

    As a digital signage hardware manufacturer in this field for years, I think this list was knid of authorized

  3. Jerome Moeri (Navori's Chairman) Says:

    Adrian, this top 10 would have been much more relevant if you would have made a distinction between Software vendors and their customers: the system integrators. In addition, contacting Software vendors would definitely help out to understand their actual position in term of revenues, software sophistication and strategy. Last point, Navori has been struggling for years to setup a real and objective benchmark of DS software technology done through independent third party companies: I mean the same type of comparison customer usually make. Could you help on this?

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