Visualplanet In Partnership With NUITEQ Snowflake

Andrew Neale

This probably won’t mean much to many, but news is just in that Visualplanet’s multi-touch is now compatible with Swedish based NUITEQ’s Snowflake Suite.

This means that Snowflake, with visualplanet’s multi-touch product, gives touchfoil users and visualplanet partners a useful application suite to present the benefits of touch technology.

Customers should be able to more easily develop custom software applications on top of the industry’s most stable multi-touch software suite – with visualplanet’s large format multi-touch recognised gestures such as pinch, zoom and rotate all being available (recognition of more than one touch, of course, allows greater control for the user over the display content and enhances the overall interactive experience).

NUITEQ’s CEO Harry van der Veen told us “The visualplanet touchfoil is in my personal opinion absolutely revolutionary and in fact one of my favourite technologies. The potential for our multi-touch software product Snowflake combined with the visualplanet touchfoil™ is massive.”

He continued “Both products complement each other really well and create clear ROI opportunities for companies installing the system, as it will either help them to increase sales and/or drive down cost.”

As ever, the latest Snowflake suite from NUITEQ offers exciting applications in areas of gaming, education, drawing, music, and media via an extremely user friendly interface – all made possible by NUITEQ’s TUIO sender for the visualplanet touchfoil.

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  1. Bryan Crotaz Says:

    The interesting and surprising implication of this is that the foil wasn’t compatible before… surely it just presents itself as a multitouch HID (Human Interface Device)?

    Or is this actually a press release saying “Company A and Company B have worked together on a project for the first time”?

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