GoGo Cast Wins GTECH Lottery Network

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

GoGo Cast Inc., a Cranston, Rhode Island-based supplier of retail digital signage, merchandising and branded content, could put its GoScreens into as many as 145,000 lottery retailers across the U.S. following its seven-year agreement with lottery technology and services provider, GTECH Corporation, Providence, R.I.

L-R: Alan Eland and David Paolo

Under the agreement, GoGo Cast’s dynamic GoScreens video screens and advertising platform will be deployed in highly-trafficked lottery locations in mutually agreed-upon U.S. lottery jurisdictions.

GoGo Cast’s digital out-of-home solutions will be offered to GTECH’s lottery partners in the U.S.. GTECH currently services approximately 145,000 lottery retailers nationwide.

“The GoGo Cast solution provides an excellent advertising platform for some of our lottery customers and their retail partners, and also serves as a perfect complement to GTECH’s existing Enterprise Series MultiMedia digital-messaging displays,” says Alan Eland, senior vice- president and COO, GTECH North America.

Some of the lotteries did have small digital signs that did not support dynamic contact and ran on the lottery production network, giving them some limitations. Now they will have full dynamic content capability and will run on the GoGo Cast network, giving them the bandwidth to run Rich HD media content. This will be in addition to those screens that were being handled internally by GTECH.

GoGo Cast’s Go-Screens offer a unique digital signage and advertising solution for retailers by providing their customers with interesting, entertaining, and engaging information in-store. Go-Screen delivers flexible programming and promotional advertising tailored to specific markets, customer segments, and day parts. The GoGo Cast platform provides scheduling flexibility that allows programming to be segmented into multiple day parts, making it possible to promote specific items at times most relevant to customer purchase patterns.

“With this agreement, our vision of creating and managing the largest nationwide ‘Retail’ Television Network can be realized,” says David Paolo, president and CEO of GoGo Cast. “GTECH will use GoGo Cast’s extensive customer and location data to create streaming lottery content tailored to retailer locations in U.S. jurisdictions in which the parties agree to deploy the GoGo Cast solution. Once deployed in a jurisdiction, lotteries and their retailers will have the ability to reach an in-store audience to deliver impactful marketing messages at precisely the right time and location to influence purchase decisions.”

GoScreens’ high-end digital displays enhance the in-store experience, impact consumer behavior at the point of purchase, and amplify awareness of special pricing and promotions. Advertisers benefit from additional opportunities to reach segmented targets to highlight key selling points, complementing and amplifying traditional retail and point-of-purchase advertising.

GoGo Cast also owns digital out-of-home networks nationwide at Gulf Express, XtraMart, Tedeschi Food Shops, Li’l Peach, Store24, Daily’s, Colbea Shell, and other independent networks.

GTECH is a subsidiary of Lottomatica Group, one of the world’s largest commercial lottery operators and a market leader in the Italian gaming industry.

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