Hear Bill Collins In Chicago This Week

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

When Bill Collins, principal of DecisionPoint Media has written for us, his articles have achieved some of the highest page views we have on record. It’s not often he takes to the stage but we understand that he will be this Wednesday 19th November at the Strategy Institute’s ‘Building Your Digital Signage Business’ Conference

Christopher Baugh, President, Northern Sky Research (NSR) has had to pull out and Bill will be presenting in his place…

10:15 AM Demand Forecast:

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One Response to “Hear Bill Collins In Chicago This Week”

  1. Bill Collins Says:


    Thanks for the plug. However, it’s not quite accurate that it’s “not often that he [Collins] takes the stage,” as you wrote in your piece about the Chicago show.

    For example, earlier this year I spoke at the Digital Signage Show in Las Vegas on a panel with one of the big innovators in the integration of digital displays into POP displays at retail.

    Also, I have spoken or chaired events produced by the Strategy Institute (the organizers of the Chicago event) dating back several years. In fact, I chaired the first Digital Signage industry event that the Strategy Institute ever produced, the Canadian Digital Signage Summit, back in 2004 or 2005 (I have forgotten which year). In addition, I have chaired at least two (2) other events produced by the Strategy Institute and spoken at several other of their events during the last 3-4 years.

    Beyond that, to my knowledge, I was the first person to ever even propose that the Digital Signage industry stage any kind of forum/conference trade show. It was late 2001, when I worked at InfoTrends — http://www.infotrends.com — that I propose the idea to management that such an event be scheduled to coincide in time and place with the
    GlobalShop tradeshow for retail POP, Fixture, Store Construction and Visual Merchandising professionals. By the end of 2001, I had left InfoTrends, but InfoTrends organized that first-ever Digital Signage industry conference to coincide with GlobalShop in Chicago in the Spring of 2002.

    By 2004, Exponation (the origators of the Digital Signage Expo) contacted me as a new company that wanted to create the first sure-enough trade show for our industry. Because most of the principals of this company had been the same people who GlobalShop back in the early 1990s, I had confidence that they had the event moxie necessary to produce, in time, a large DS industry event that might become the industry standard event in North Ameria. So, I worked closely with Chris Gibbs (who is now the chief executive of Exponation) during the 3-4 months prior to that first event in San Francisco. Because Exponation was new to the industry and I wanted to help them help our industry, I happily opened my Roledex (remember those things?) to Exponation, providing them with the names of many of the people that they recruited as attendees and and as exhibitors. Also, I suggested to Exponation that their keynote speaker should be Bob Clarke of Instrumental Media Group in London, whose company was producing the content for Tesco TV at that time. Bob did give the keynote, at that hotel event in San Francisco, and the Digital Signage Expo (then called the Digital Retailing Expo) was off the the races.

    At this point, I’ll bbeg last point and then I’ll stop this long, rambling and perhaps boring posting: Frankly, I get a lot of invites to speak outside the USA, but because we focus our research and consulting work here in North America, I usually turn down those invitations. It’s a matter of tending to one’s knitting, one might say.

    Best regards,

    Bill Collins | Principal | DecisionPoint Media Insights | 5040 Eastwood Circle West, Cincinnati, Ohio 45227 USA | Bill@decisionpointmedia.com | http://www.decisionpointmedia.com | LinkedIn profile: http://www.linkedin.com/in/billcollinsdigitalsignage

    DecisionPoint Media Insights is a research consultancy that designs and produces custom consumer research on digital media networks that are deployed at retail and out of home.

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