The Price Is Right Come On Down

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

Attendants at the Digital Place-based Advertising Association Digital Media Summit will be hearing how ‘content is the key’ when Paul Price, CEO, Creative Realities Inc., New York, takes the stage as the luncheon speaker of the day.

But when he discusses how CRI’s studio and consultancy offerings have led to his point of view for developing the best content, Price’s ideas on content may not necessarily be what many will expect.

“Based on our consulting and design offerings, it means looking at the customer from a different point of view and using that to reframe the role of digital out-of-home in the correct context to help marketers to achieve their goals,”
says Price. “This means not only considering the channel but also considering the context in which it is delivered.”

We presume that CRI and Price’s ideas must have merit, because he says that the company has been adding new clients, new staff in the integration and service business, and has recently added two new lead consultants: John Bishop, recently with Digitas, and Tery Spataro, recently a freelance consultant with a strong marketing background.

But come along to the DPAA Digital Media Summit in New York on Oct. 19 and judge for yourself.

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