Why Should We Follow You @OnestopMedia ?

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

The more we observe twitter the more we see folks in our industry getting it so, so wrong. Putting a # in front of almost every word as if it has some magical effect on your tweet (and automatically creates an all powerful hashtag that everyone will be following) and one of the dumbest of all – the ubiquitous ‘Follow us on facebook‘ or ‘Follow us on twitter‘ without giving any good reason why someone should.

One of the first lessons picked up in any social media conference or on any social media course is ‘give people a reason why they should follow you’.

One of the tweets from Onestop Media Group today was a case in point, we quote @OnestopMedia “Follow us on facebook! http://t.co/sROrEDD1

Why? Why should folks follow you on facebook? Seriously we are interested. What is your marketing and / or PR team doing to make facebook or twitter relevant to people who follow or like. I expect you have an answer – the thing is though you need to condense that down into less than 140 characters (and include it in your tweet).

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