First Ever Branded Subway Station?

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

The Lisbon Subway and Portugal Telecom have launched, what many believe is the first ever (fully) Branded Subway Station in the world – the Baixa Chiado PT Bluestation.

In various parts of the station content is projected onto the walls…

The project developed and created by MOP (Multimedia Outdoor Portugal) involved the naming rights of the station, it’s decoration and lots of digital projection,

About MOP

MOP is an outdoor advertising and communication operator with more than 12.000 positions throughout Portugal and with interest in all main segments: transports, street and shopping malls.
MOP has been elected for the 2nd time the “best outdoor company” working in Portugal and also represents the communications and advertising festivals Cannes Lions and Eurobest

2 Responses to “First Ever Branded Subway Station?”

  1. Harrylloyd Says:

    This is definitely not a world exclusive as i’ve seen solus takeovers on the London Underground before and in Dubai they’ve been selling naming rights for a few years.

  2. true... Says:

    i agree…ATT station in Philly launched last year

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