VideoMining partnership with GMT in India

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

There were a lot of good presentations at this week’s Digital Signage Asia event and I am very confident that all delegates would have taken away a lot of useful information. India is a very exciting marketplace and there is a lot of interest from vendors in doing business there and tons and tons of incredibly entrepreneurial activities in-country as well.

One of the presentations that I took the most away from myself was Dr. Rajeev Sharma’s presentation from VideoMining. There approach to technology based in-store research is slightly different to the half dozen other audience measurement solutions out there in the marketplace. It looks expensive I have to say (pricing was not discussed so that’s just my guess) but it does look 100% completely alll encompassing.

From the looks of the solution also, I would hazard a guess that you would need racks of computer equipment in your back end as well to support it. I’m not being negative, this sort of solution is sorely needed in the retail space.

VideoMining also announced this week, what looks like a very sensible partnership with GMT India.

GMT India’s focus is on the in-store environment and their expertise helps folks plan, design, create, manage and track retail programs.

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