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Adspace Now In Nielsen Fourth Screen Report

For the first time ever, Adspace Networks [1] was added to Nielsen [2]’s Fourth Screen Network Audience Report, the only quarterly, multi-client syndicated audience report for digital place-based networks.

[3]The data – which measures audience exposures for video networks in out-of-home locations – offer agencies and networks an easier way to compare place-based advertising audiences to TV, Internet, and Mobile.

The Second quarter 2011 report further shows the specific strength of Adspace Networks, owner and operator of its own in-mall digital network comprised of 122 Class A malls across the U.S., with the Company ranking number one in Age 12+ 28-Day Gross Exposures (among six networks that measure comparably on 12+ demos).

Gross Minute Exposures reflect the sum of average minute exposures for an advertiser schedule of a typical ad rotation.

This is the first time that Nielsen has included mall media in the Fourth Screen Report. The report was assembled using Nielsen’s integrated approach of combining traffic and transaction data with demographic and qualitative data. For Adspace Networks and the other mall-based video networks, the traffic data is provided by Scarborough and modeled by Nielsen to produce gross exposures and an average minute audience for each network.

“It is a big step to be in the Fourth Screen Report,” says Bill Ketcham, executive vice-president and chief marketing officer, Adspace Networks. “It gives us more credibility in the media planning and buying community. We always struggled with how to explain our audience metrics in the context of other media. Now, Nielsen’s accurate audience estimates will allow us to have comparable video metrics.”

“The Fourth Screen Report provides uniform measurement in a fragmented marketplace, creating a level playing field,” says Dave Barnett, managing director, Kinetic. “This is one more data point that increases the validity of digital media, and Nielsen gives it tremendous credibility.”

The Adspace Digital Mall Network reaches 26.8 million unique visitors over a 4 week period. Additionally, the report shows particular strength among teens, young adults and women. The 12-24 age demographic represents 48% of Adspace viewing, more than double the demo’s percent of the U.S. population. Females age 12-34 represent 50% of Adspace viewing, also double their percent of the U.S. population.

“The Fourth Screen Report is particularly encouraging because it confirms our over-delivery of teen, young adult, and female demographics,” says Ketcham. “The younger demos are hard to reach, and we deliver them with real scale and efficiency.”

“The inclusion of mall media in the latest Fourth Screen Report really represents the further validation of the medium itself,” says Paul Lindstrom, senior vice-president, Nielsen On-Location. “What we aim to accomplish in this product is the best possible audience measurement for this particular medium. The use of Scarborough data by Nielsen is just the right way to measure the mall-going audience. It’s a clear commitment of the research industry to do what is best for its clients.”