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Has Brian Carnell Joined Trumedia?

It may not have taken long for Brian Carnell, who we understand left Cisco back in June/July [1] to find his next position, although with Trumedia involved we never quite know what the truth of the matter is.

[2]A random crawl of the Interweb (no, okay we lie, someone sent it to us) led us to this web page ‘Management Team | www.trumedia.co.il [3]‘ which lists a certain Brian W. Carnell, SVP North America.

We hadn’t seen (or more likely been sent a press release if there ever was one) but the site lists Brian as joining TruMedia Technologies Ltd. as SVP North America in July 2011 although Brian’s LinkedIn profile [4] makes no mention of the move.

New hires at Trumedia tend not to last too long (one time CEO based in the US, George E. Murphy barely lasted 6 months [5] and super smart, super nice guy Francois Hechme even less [6]).