Debenhams (Virtual) Pop Up Stores

Geny Caloisi

Debenhams has launched a campaign encouraging people to go to famous landmarks such as Trafalgar Square and other regional alternatives and look at them through their iPhone or iPad2 screens to see the retailer’s top party dresses pop up around the attraction.

Mobile technology is now so advanced that it means the retailer can set up a virtual store anywhere it likes within the country thanks to a clever app designed by GoldRun and geo location know-how.

Shoppers will be able to view ten party dresses, only available at the location, virtually try them on, order them and get the garment delivered to an address of their choice.

The store will be popping up in locations across the UK from the 27 October – 29 October in London, Manchester, Birmingham, Cardiff and Glasgow where you can shop the Top Party Dresses for Christmas without even stepping into a store.

As a reward for their efforts, shoppers at each location will receive an exclusive 20% discount.

An additional feature of the pop-up store is that customers can also upload the pictures of the virtual dresses they try on to Facebook or Twitter to gather feedback from ‘friends’ and followers.

Simon Forster, Director said: ‘This really is the future of shopping. It brings the hassle-free element of online, with the experience of shopping in store combined with the fantastic backdrops of iconic UK locations. It is incredible what the developments in technology mean we can now do-including trying on a dress without even having to remove an item of clothing!”

One Response to “Debenhams (Virtual) Pop Up Stores”

  1. Mark Solomon Says:

    It’s a fascinating concept and a clever technological development.

    Is it going to succeed? Not sure. Nobody will take a trip to one of these locations on a “punt”, especially not to save £18-24 (it can cost that to get into a major city by public transport, let alone by car). So your prospective customer base is probably going to have to be near one of the locations to make them want to participate.

    And you’re also at the mercy of the British weather: if it’s a straight toss-up between walking around in the comfort of Westfield or something similar or being caught in the freezing rain in Manchester (or summer as they call it up there), what are you going to do?

    In itself, really clever technology. But I suspect the execution is a little too clever.

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