In-Store Blood Pressure Monitors Grow Up

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

ADFLOW Health Networks and FrontLine Marketing have announced a strategic partnership to take the familiar in-store blood pressure monitor kiosk into the 21st century.

Along with standard health screening abilities, the new kiosks will include functionality such as personalized product recommendations and print-on-demand coupons. Personal Health Centers™ will occupy a number of national retail pharmacy chains, giving advertisers a wide reach while simultaneously allowing them to target consumers on an individual basis.

FrontLine Marketing, an Acosta Sales & Marketing company, provides solutions that include front-end, pharmacy, and new product center displays available at more than 8,800 grocery and pharmacy retailers, including Kroger, SUPERVALU, Safeway, Food Lion, and Winn-Dixie and this new ADFLOW Health Networks Personal Health Center™ platform will now be added to FrontLine’s core offering.

Mel Stein, CEO of ADFLOW Health Networks told us “This unique and proven consumer touchpoint provides marketers with a variety of highly targeted digital, interactive, merchandising, and print-on-demand solutions only steps away from the purchase decision. FrontLine’s leadership understands that, and we believe in their strong commitment to make this partnership the success we anticipate it to be.”

Jefferson Myers, President of FrontLine Marketing, is confident the partnership with ADFLOW Health Networks will quickly be successful in the marketplace; “We have been active in this space for the last fifteen years and believe this program can be transformational. This partnership extends and complements FrontLine’s current high-impact capabilities within the fast-growing pharmacy area of leading retailers. The ADFLOW Health Networks system is truly next-generation in its targeting and consumer engagement ability.”

2 Responses to “In-Store Blood Pressure Monitors Grow Up”

  1. Perplexed Says:

    That is 21st Century? Seriously – design and form factor on that monstrosity are hideous. And that is likely how it will look – not much different than than the Lifeclinic devices that CBS Outernet repped nearly 4 years ago. Can’t we EVOLVE?

  2. AdManNYC Says:

    Bigger Screen Size = More Eyeballs! Would you rather see a tiny screen no one can read. Looks slick to me. You have to incorporate a chair, 2 screens and a “blood pressure arm thingy”, I think they did a pretty good job.

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