WindowGain opens office in the UK

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

WindowGain, a US-based out-of-home media company have recently opened an office in the UK and has also just installed its first two UK screens in Nottingham’s city centre.

They are using 3M’s Vikuiti Rear Projection Film to transform entire store fronts into large format high definition video screens.

“Empty shop windows become giant advertising screens” is not new because the folks at Motomedia pioneered this sector and have been doing it successfully for a while. However it does somewhat ratify the sector when competition comes into play.

The first installation, at the Broadmarsh shopping centre (part of the The Westfield Group) in Nottingham, has transformed the 47 sq-ft frontage of a vacant store unit into a screen for advertising and public information content.

Mercedes Benz of Nottingham has become the first advertiser to take advantage of this installation.

Also in Nottingham, Savills, the estate agent chain, has transformed part of it’s window into a 103-inch diagonal (25 sq-ft), full-colour video screen showcasing the features and lifestyle on offer to owners of premium new homes being built locally.

Simon Russell, Managing Director of WindowGain’s UK office, explained, “This is a cutting-edge medium that will appeal to all markets and sectors, from high-volume products to premium brands. WindowGain’s service includes installation, setup and management of the screen, as well as arranging advertising sales to generate valuable revenue. Premises owners can now utilise retail space to its maximum potential, and installation and removal are quick and easy leaving no damage to the shop or its windows.”

Videos of the installations at the Broadmarsh shopping centre and Savills in Nottingham can be found here.

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