Consumer Debt Support At The Cash Machine

Chris Sheldrake

We see that the Scottish Government is promoting a financial advice service to consumers via ATM cash machine advertising with atmAd.

Notice the new branding for atmAd – the way its lower case and then upper case and their name has lost the colon in between ATM and ad – much nicer!!! Ed

The new debt awareness campaign promotes the National Debtline website and a hotline to Scottish consumers during the Christmas shopping season and the January sales.

It’s a timely message of course aimed at encouraging people to seek help with their debt sooner rather than later.

Joanna Elson, Chief Executive of The Money Advice Trust which runs National Debtline told us “atmAd was selected to help reach the broad spectrum of shoppers at a time when they are most vulnerable to spending and getting into debt,”

She continued “The campaign aims to help those facing debt problems in the current financial downturn, with atmAd helping to reach those consumers at the point when they are withdrawing money.”

The pre and post Christmas awareness campaign will go live on 200 ATMs across several banking networks in Scotland, 8th – 21st December and 12th – 25th January 12.

The ATM medium was selected in a joint partnership between media agency Mediacom and specialist buyer Kinetic.

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