ATM:ad Becomes atmAD

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

We spotted atmAd’s re-brand yesterday when we covered the story ‘Consumer Debt Support At The Cash Machine‘ and now, less than 24 hours later, we have an official press release.

This has been well thought out and well executed, we really like the new audience-led look…

Sarah Christmas, Senior Marketing Manager, i-design multimedia told us “the rebrand and new website will bring greater focus to the consumer centric nature of atmAd and clearly demonstrates our position as a market leader in digital outdoor ATM advertising,”

The press release states…

atmAd’s rebrand is designed to stake its claim on third party media in the ATM space and clearly demonstrates the strength of it as an intimate one-to-one consumer communication channel.

atmAd has had a particular good year – their weekly audience reach is now over 8.5 million – Sarah tells us that this is “the single largest audience of any digital outdoor format”

I’m sure our media planner and media buyer readership will tell us if they disagree.

Now is the time for those confident in their own abilities to step up to the mark and so more of their own branding and sales and marketing. Perhaps we will see atmAd at some of the conferences and shows in 2009 as well now?


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