#AVtweeps iOS Apps For NEC Networked Projectors

Andrew Neale

NEC Display Solutions Europe has launched two free applications for Apple iOS for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch which allows users to interact with compatible NEC networked projectors.

The NEC Virtual Remote Tool app is similar to the existing PC-based Virtual Remote software, and allows customers to completely control a compatible networked projector with all the same functionality as the standard physical remote control. This includes turning the device on and off, selecting the input source and adjusting the picture and sound.

The NEC Wireless Image Utility app is an image transfer tool for the NEC PA and PX Series. It allows users to send pictures and PDF pages from their phone wirelessly to the projector. We are told that this is an excellent solution for mobile presentations via iPhone or iPad.

Gerd Kaiser, Product Line Manager Large Venue Projectors at NEC Display Solutions Europe told us “These mobile applications are a great example of how we strive to make all of our devices flexible and easy to use.”

He added “With a quick download, presenters have a new and simple way of controlling their projector and displaying content at their fingertips, without having to hunt around for the remote or worry about complicated transferring of images and other content.”

Both apps are available for free to download from the iTunes app store.

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