NanoLumens’ Nanoflex Displays At Remembrance Day Ceremony

Gail Chiasson, North American Editor

Asked to provide a digital video solution for Ontario’s 2011 Remembrance Day ceremony, Mediaco, Toronto-based provider of audiovisual staging and technical event solutions, needed a large, waterproof digital video display that can be set up and taken down quickly.

The answer was in NanoLumens 112” NanoFlex display. APG Displays, NanoLumens’ exclusive Canadian distributor, supplied two NanoFlex displays to their trade partner Mediaco.

Held Nov. 11 at the Ontario Veterans Memorial at Queen’s Park, Toronto, the Remembrance Day (or Armistice Day) memorial day honored veterans for their selfless courage and commitment on the anniversary of the end of World War I.

“When Mediaco came to us and said it needed two outdoor displays large enough to be seen from hundreds of feet away, that could be put up and taken down in a single day, the only solution was the NanoLumens 112” NanoFlex flexible display,” says David Weatherhead, vice-presdent, APG Displays.

“It’s the only display that satisfies all the needs of this kind of event. It’s easy to put up quickly because it’s very lightweight; it’s super bright so it can be viewed in direct sunlight; it’s viewable from any angle with no loss in picture quality; it’s durable and waterproof for outdoor applications; and it’s more energy efficient than any other display technology available today. And because the NanoFlex display is compatible with virtually all video input sources, using it as a live video display is just as easy as hooking it up to a DVD player.”

First introduced in 2010, NanoFlex digital displays conform to fit any surface, are thin, lightweight and energy efficient, and can be mounted as easily as a work of art. NanoLumens, based in Norcross, Georgia, claims to be the only company in the world able to reliably manufacture the ultra-thin displays.

Karen Robinson, NanoLumens senior vice-president of marketing and sales, says, “With our lightweight, super-bright displays, event producers can now quickly and easily provide large video displays for short events and multi-day festivals.”

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