Titan Outdoor trial an Esprit Digital 65″digital poster at Brent Cross

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

The new owners of aka.tv own part of Esprit Digital so it is not surprising that this was reported here on aka.tv first.

Titan Outdoor are continuing their trial(s) of all things digital and have installed another one of Esprit Digital’s nice 65″ Double Sided LCD panels – this time in the Brent Cross shopping centre.

These work well indoors and it’s a nice example of what we would term digital street furniture.

As you would expect, both sides of the display can show synchronised content and it’s possible to run two ‘channels’ at the same time. It’s only a Windows based PC in the bottom of the unit that powers it which is a bit of a disappointment considering the EnQii / Digital View Media heritage that Esprit Digital have.

Remember though that a 65″ diameter whilst large in consumer TFT LCD and PDP land is not particularly large by advertising industry standards

A 4-Sheet is 72.11 inch in diameter (60 x 40)

A 6-Sheet is a massive 85.17 inch in diameter (70.861 x 47.244)

Still it is a nice example of what (digital) street furniture is going to look like going forward in 2008 and beyond – though perhaps still on the small side.

Expect Wall AG, the masters of traditional street furniture, to announce similar products of their own design very shortly.

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