Shoplifters Of The World Unite

Adrian J Cotterill, Editor-in-Chief

Yesterday we received an interesting note from Adspace Digital Mall Network

In the Staten Island mall, mug shots of ‘local convicted petty larceny felons‘ (phew!! that was their words) will be displayed on the Adspace network of Smart Screens.

An anti-shoplifting campaign using digital screens (in a Mall or in fact any retailer) sounds like a really good idea and we wonder why no one has thought of this (or done it) before?

With something like 1.3 million shoppers expected to visit this particular mall in the next month, the Staten Island District Attorney Dan Donovan decided to try and deter shoplifting at its source – i.e. where it takes place!

This is the first time the Adspace network has been used to deter crime.

Last year, shoplifters and rogue employees we are told, stole more than USD 6.7 billion from 24 major retailers, according to a survey conducted by Jack L. Hayes International, a leading loss-prevention and inventory shrinkage-control firm.

Those retailers in turn said that more than 626,000 shoplifters were arrested in 2007, up 9.2 percent from 2006.

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